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JOEPRESSO is run by Roman and Meli.  They live in Colorado with their puppy named Baci. 


Roman is a software engineer and loves exploring and traveling to new places.  He likes roasting his own coffee in his pieced together coffee roaster, playing video games sometimes, and drinking coffee always.  

Meli worked as an executive chef in high end resorts before moving cross country to begin a new chapter.  She is currently learning data science and business analytics.  She enjoys cooking, pilates, and always tells Roman his home roasts are the best. 

cup of espresso joepresso

how joe got here

We were moving our lives from east coast to west, when the covid pandemic started.  We never made it to the west coast, instead we landed in Colorado.  


We discovered AeroPress during the pandemic when there were no cafes open, and we decided to learn more about the world of coffee.  


After more changes to our lives, we ended up in a very remote area of Colorado, still no cafes, still covid.  Roman was craving the espresso that he had daily working in Italy.  In the middle of nowhere Colorado, he got an idea.  Roman created the attachment for the AeroPress that we now call JOEPRESSO.  He worked tirelessly on the perfect adaptor to fit an espresso basket that is used in commercial espresso machines. We worked with manufactures of parts for commercial machines to find the perfect basket fit.  He made a 3D model and got it produced. 

We got JOE on Kickstarter, and we are so thankful to our 300 supporters who funded the initial launch of JOEPRESSO. By September 19th, 2020, we had raised enough funding to get JOEPRESSO into production.  We shipped JOE's all over the world for that initial launch and then we transitioned to Indiegogo where we were still making monthly sales all over the world. 


We have now broken into Amazon sellers and have two amazing wholesalers in Australia and Thailand.   Now launching a website and online store is just another step in our company's goals. 

our hopes for the future

We have been in the coffee business for two years, and we learned so much.  There is always something more to learn and we are thankful for all our supporters for getting JOEPRESSO to where it is today.

Our hope was to give everyone the ability to make espresso drinks anywhere they are in the world using the AeroPress, and no need to worry about bulky and costly machines.  We are constantly improving the product, business goals, and ourselves only in hopes to get that perfect cup of coffee.  We found amazing people to enjoy this product with and we hope that you do the same.  


cheers and press on, 

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