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We get a lot of reviews, comments, and questions about JOEPRESSO, here are some answers to the questions that asked the most!  Please contact us for any other questions you may have, and we will be happy to answer.

  • Does JOEPRESSO fit on AeroPress GO?
    Yes! JOEPRESSO was made to fit BOTH the AeroPress and AeroPress GO.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! We ship internationally through this website. Amazon services USA, Canada, and Mexico. We also have sellers in Australia and Thailand. Please note that you are responsible for all applicable customs duties and taxes.
  • How do I clean the pressurized basket? It is clogged.
    You can try using reverse flow to unclog the basket. Attach the basket to the AeroPress with the plunger all the way in. Pull out the plunger to create a vacuum. This should loosen any debris, or grinds from the basket. You can also soak the basket in Cafiza, a coffee machine cleaner that removes all debris and grinds from commercial coffee machines.
  • What is the difference in the pressurized vs. non-pressurized baskets?
    The pressurized basket has a single small opening on the bottom. This creates resistance for when you plunge the AeroPress, creating added pressure and prolonging the extraction time. With a pressurized basket if your grind size is too large you will still get a good extraction. The non-pressurized basket takes a bit more dialing in to get the proper grind size. If the grind size is too coarse, you will finish plunging very quicky and the coffee will be very underextracted. When you use the correct grind size, you will be able to finish plunging in your desired duration (25-30 sec). This will give you a better extraction than using a pressurized basket with coarser grind, but it takes time, and you'll waste some coffee in the process. If grind size is too fine the filters will get clogged and you will not be able to finish plunging in your desired duration. Clean the basket and try again.
  • Is there a standard recipe for the JOEPRESSO?
    The standard recipe: Grind 14g of your favorite coffee to a fine* grind Place the coffee into the pressurized basket and tamp (press) Keeping the basket vertical, attach the JOEPRESSO to the AeroPress and stand it on a cup Add 60ml of boiling water Insert the plunger into the AeroPress and press until the first drops come out of the basket Pause for a little while (10 - 60 sec) to let the coffee pre-infuse Press down evenly, as hard as you can comfortably sustain for 30 seconds You will hear a hissing sound of the air leaving the basket when all the water has passed, it shouldn't take more than 30 seconds. * If it is taking you longer than 30 seconds to finish plunging or you can't get any drops to come out of the basket your grind size is too fine for the amount of pressure you can produce. Empty the basket, increase the grind size and try again.
  • I want to be a wholesaler; how do I start the process?
    Contact for wholesale inquires. We have a price sheet and can discuss options for individual cafes, as well as chains.
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