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JOEPRESSO the espresso attachment for AeroPress, comes with pressurized basket, stainless steel shower screen, and silicon gasket 


SKU: 008
  • Compatible with AeroPress and AeroPress GO.

    It's easy to use – simply attach it to your AeroPress, add a small amount of coffee and water and press down on the plunger to brew. 

    The JOEPRESSO design relies on the stainless steel pressurized basket, which opens up once a reliable consistent pressure is reached during brewing and will force the brew through the shower screen to produce a large amount of crema. A silicon-seal is included to ensure it is leak free.

    The brew basket is easy to remove afterwards and is dishwasher safe.

    Basic Joepresso Instructions: Grind 18g of coffee at a fine setting Add 45g of hot water over ten seconds, then stir rapidly for twenty seconds Insert the plunger and press down quickly to express the shot. Please use caution when pressing down. Thin glassware may break if too much pressure is applied. When in doubt, use a ceramic or metal cup. 

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